ONCE AGAIN, the Homosexual Lobby Lies About Me and my Words

Today, the vicious group behind the web site, The New Civil Rights Movement, has posted another edited video of me, provided as usual, by the group, Right Wing Watch.  The headline of this attack on me and the American Family Association reads, “AFA WANTS CONSERVATIVES TO BOYCOTT GOOGLE OVER ‘LEGALIZE LOVE’ CAMPAIGN”.

Nothing could be more fabricated than the essence of this story against us!

It’s so simple for Right Wing Watch to take a clip of a short segment of my one hour radio show, edit it to their liking, and then take my words out of the context of the larger discussion, and make  me sound like I am saying something that I actually did not say. They are skillful at this.  And if you don’t follow my show, know me, or get a chance to hear my words in the context of the longer discussion of the moment, then you can easily be led to think I’ve said what they want to you think.

I was speaking on my show about how horrible it is that companies like Google, like Home Depot and others, use their powerful influence in our communities to push the gay agenda upon the rest of us.  Like, pushing for homosexual marriage.  Demanding special designations and rights for them simply because of their preferred sexual lifestyles.

I stated that It would BE TOUGH FOR SOMEONE LIKE ME TO CHOOSE TO NOT BE SUPPORTIVE OF SOMEONE LIKE GOOGLE, BECAUSE I AM SO INTERTWINED WITH GOOGLE PRODUCTS (Android phones, search engines, calendars, to do lists, youtube, google shop and on and on and on…..).

I was speaking about the personal commitments I PERSONALLY MAKE to not be supportive of companies who push with their influence and money, homosexual marriage, which I see as a pathway to the destruction of the family, of the nation, and yielding to that which God calls clearly an abomination in His Holy Word.


I DID NOT ONCE USE THE TERM NOR DID I STATE, CATEGORICALLY OR OTHERWISE, THAT AFA WAS CALLING FOR A BOYCOTT OF GOOGLE.  N-E-V-E-R!  I referenced the fact that we WERE  boycotting other efforts to push the gay agenda. But I never called for a boycott of Google. They are simply peddling a lie to say that I did.

Let me make this as clear as I can, for you will NEVER get the truth from The New Civil Rights Movement, Right Wing Watch, the Daily Kos, or any of  these other groups:

THERE IS NO BOYCOTT NOR IS THERE A CALL OF A BOYCOTT AGAINST GOOGLE BY THE AFA.  (Now, I don’t speak for the Ministry’s future direction in these matters.  I ONLY speak FOR THE DIRECTION the Ministry actually chooses, and IF/or WHEN the AFA Ministry ever calls for a boycott of anyone, I will proclaim it far and wide, with NO DOUBT that a boycott is on! )


This apparently, is what the gay activists want.  They want us to announce something like this so that they can use it for their propoganda advantage.  BUT, they have put words into my mouth in this story and they have announced that AFA is doing something that we have not said we are doing.

This should be a lesson for us all.  We must learn that these people have no problems whatsoever with lying about what good, conservative Americans, especially Christian Americans, are saying and doing.  It suits their agenda’s purposes to twist the truth.

Unfortunately, you can’t squeeze blood from a turnip, and you can’t squeeze a boycott out of ole Buster when he didn’t announce one.

(Oh, by the way, David Badash was right. If we were to boycott Google, we’d have to boycott other media giants as well.  Seems that many companies of this type have high levels of homosexual activism.)

And by the way, part deux; I read the group’s post on my GOOGLE CHROME web browser.  I own an Android phone (It’s AWSOME!) and I plan my day using Google Calendar, Google Tasks; and I’m taking a trip tomorrow planned with Google Maps.  I despise the effort to do away with the definition of Marriage as it has been recognized by society for the last 5000+ years, and the effort to cram down our throats a lifestyle that is both deadly, harmful and immoral and hurts people!  But, I confess, the Google products are quite productive and enjoyable.  

That was, FOR ME, going to be the source of the struggle for me to try to be non-supportive!

And THAT, my friend, is actually what Buster Wilson said yesterday.  

One thought on “ONCE AGAIN, the Homosexual Lobby Lies About Me and my Words

  1. Very soon prop 8 will be overturned in California. Very soon I believe the whole US will recognize my wife and I as a legal couple. Your boycott of Gay friendly companies will do you no good. Their revenues increase when they show their support for our love.
    You are and will become more and more impotent in your cause. You are and will become more and more obsolete. Soon your generational thinking will die and true goodness will prevail.
    You will rot in your hell.

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