Right Wing Watch is getting Tiresome

As my favorite President once said, “well, there you go again…..!”

Right Wing Watch used an old video to say that I was reporting today that the President was establishing the brown shirt brigade!   Well, I never said a thing about “brown shirts” today.  Period!

I’m sure all of their homosexual followers will now pick this up and tout to their world that “AFA’s WILSON once again talked about the President’s brown shirts….” as they continue, even to this day to report that I “called for a boycott of Google” (which I most certainly DID NOT, and they know it!).

I read a report today from Reuter’s news about the Department of Homeland Security gearing up for riots at the two political conventions and the Presidential inauguration.  I read THEIR story.  They are certainly not a conspiracy web  site! And  RWW chided me saying that I was unaware that of course, Homeland Security worked security at all political conventions and presidential inaugurations.  That silly BUSTA, he didn’t even know that!

Truth is, I’ve never heard of the Department of Homeland Security EVER purchasing in a hurried, overnight way, riot gear, and reportedly saying to their proposed vendors, “We’re getting ready for riots at…..”!  I’ve never known of HomeLand Security to be riot gear ready for anything.  Really?  Where’s the past stories of that being the case?  Where are those stories about DHS being muscled up with nearly 800 million rounds of ammo and riot gear and announcing that they are getting ready for RIOTS? I missed those stories, I guess.

I find it funny that Right Wing Watch chooses to chide ME for the report, but never said a word about Reuter’s, whose report it was that I read.  Hummm. Interesting.  Oh, I get it.  They KNOW that there’s really no story here, as far as I am concerned!  They just found a way to once again try to make fun of those silly Christians.

Well, America is getting fed up with the Bible hating, Christian hating, conservative knocking, vile, foul mouthed name calling, socialist hetero/Christo-haters.  

The INTOLERANT hatred from those on the left who have tweeted me of late (and my children!) is so vile and foul I couldn’t reprint it here.  That’s the outcome of misleading “reporting” like is being done against me today.

When is Southern Poverty going to make a statement about those HATERS and certify them as official Bible, Christ, Hetero, Traditionalist haters?

Don’t hold your breath.

Oh, and for the REAL VIDEO of today’s show, not the one that RWW is falsely representing as today’s, go to http://www.afr.net, choose AFA Today on the lower left hand side, and choose today’s date.

The Story I read today:

Another rendition:

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