The Vile Shrill of Big Gay is a Joke at Best

By now, everyone has heard about the flap over ChickFilA.  President Dan Cathy made remarks that HE and the companies principles, believe in Biblical principles, traditional, Biblical marriage, and feel that we are inviting the judgement of God for rejecting HIS definition of marriage in this country.  Those comments have launched the left and BIG GAY into a crazed frenzy!  They are acting like, reporting that, and arguing against ChickFilA as if they are shooting gay folk in the parking lots of their restaurants as they drive in. ChickFila has never discriminated against anyone, never refused service to anyone, never made anyone’s sexual preference an issue at hiring time.  They just don’t.  In fact, ChickfilA has an indisputable record of trying to do all that can be done to fortify and support the family, marriages, couples and children, than any other organization that you could name.  In fact, over the weekend I’ve observed that there is, more often than not, an attitude of shock and disgust that ANYONE would find fault with ChickFilA, especially the vile, foul mouthed, gay activists who prance around in their bikini underwear in gay pride parades.  I’ve spent hours upon hours personally trying to witness to those in the Big Gay movement.  I care about their souls and I care about the America they are trying to morph into an idyllic homosexual utopia.  But enough frankly is just enough.  These dark hearted activists who demand that we be tolerant of them and NOT be HATERS, have taken now to not only attacking me, but my children.  My youngest daughter, who is a grown woman and wise enough and tough enough that they should think twice about messing with her, sent me a simple tweet from Texas the other night.  Last night at 1 am I heard from her.  Because she attached my name in her tweet, BIg Gay, the ones that have called me and you AND Jesus all manner of foul names, began to attack her, conducting themselves in such foul ways as to accuse she and I of incestuous acts and such.  Those who demand tolerance and call us haters, have daily demonstrated the height of intolerance and the depths of how dark the human heart really can hate.

ChickFilA is an awesome company, hiring on average 90-100 folks at each store.  They serve and support their communities, they do such civic minded things as show up with food and drink for the first responders at last week’s theater shooting.  They are completely UNWORTHY of the vicious, spitting, raving craziness of Big Gay.

So Let’s be straight about what we’ve learned from all of this:

  1. If you are PRO FAMILY, you are haters
  2. If you are PRO BIBLICAL VALUES, you are bigots
  3. If you support traditional marriage, I mean, like it has been accepted by society for over 5000 years, you are homophobic.
  4. And if you are homophobic, haters, and bigots, you should be castigated, ruined, called names, hated, and shut out and shut down in this country.

How did we get to this point?  WHO has decided to allow this to be the attitude in our country?  The less than two percent that are openly homosexual?  The main stream media?  The politicians?  The church?

Again, let’s be clear:  If you believe the Bible and what it teaches about sin, of which it clearly defines homosexuality as, that does not mean that you hate any one or that you are “scared” of gay people; you know, homophobic.  If you, like Dan Cathy, believe the Bible teaches what marriage should be, as between one man and one woman, then you are NOT in the minority; you ARE the majority.  Let’s remind ourselves that the people of 30+ states when given the opportunity to vote on it has chosen to define marriage as being between one man and one woman.  Just like God says it should be.

Let’s refuse to allow the vicious, hateful activists of Big Gay to define the conversation, or to destroy a great business run by a good family like the Cathy’s of ChickfilA.  Let’s show the WORLD that we, the majority of Americans, understand that two people may disagree about an issue without hating one another, without being disagreeable.  That any Christian should be allowed to express themselves without being attacked, maligned and destroyed.  And that being a Christian who BELIEVES the BIBLE, the whole BIble, is not a bad thing, but actually something to be desired.

2 thoughts on “The Vile Shrill of Big Gay is a Joke at Best

  1. Well said, sir! Over the weekend, I have been called a bigot, a stupid imbecile, a moron, a f****** a**hole, and a list of other names. One Big Gay activist copied the photo from my Facebook page and pasted to his, in a mocking and demeaning way….and I wasn’t even in the photo, only my family. I agree with you, Buster. Christians MUST now take charge of the discussions so that they may return to civil and logical discussions that will eventually lead our society to the Truth. After all, only the TRUTH can set man free.

  2. No one wants to destroy families!
    We all come from families!
    Gays want the privilege of marrying the person you love to be available to all Americans. (And no, people aren\’t going to be suddenly want to marry dogs or toasters; animals an inanimate objects are incapable of agreeing to a mutual relationship.)

    But when people like Cathy and the AFA say they support traditional marriage, that ipso facto means they do\’t support equal rights for all American citizens. That\’s the issue

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