Truth Wins Out wants to stifle Free Speech!

Read this and see if this hate filled,  heterophobic,  christiphobic,  and conservaphobic group doesn’t want to stifle your free speech in this country!

Here’s the article right here:

No, we are not supportive of anyone calling others “names”. I regularly beg those on the left and in the Big Gay movement to stop the vicious name calling against us! So, NO, I would not call anyone this name, nor would I be supportive of this ball player calling homosexuals a slang name! I WOULDN’T, OK!

But, I would fight for this ball player’s right to speak his mind in this country. It is a guaranteed right, constitutionally, in this country. So is Big Gay’s right to call us names. But the name callers in this country, though they have the right to do so, will never be considered a serious part of the discussion because they are name callers. This ball player has every right to speak in this way without the fear of losing job or income simply because TWO and Big Gay are offended.

But I would never advocate that anyone lose income simply for something they said. And NO, that’s never been what ANY of AFA’s boycotts have ever been about. So don’t come back with that attack, guys. It won’t swim.

They have argued that we are only spouting hate rhetoric when we say that Big Gay wants to take over our lives and see us harmed,  censored,  and punished in some way when we speak the truth of the Big Gay agenda against those of us who believe in traditional values!

Read their words and decide for yourself.

Let the actual TRUTH win out!

6 thoughts on “Truth Wins Out wants to stifle Free Speech!

  1. It is certainly his right to speak his mind. That is what’s so great about this country! However, it would make since for him to face some kind of punishment for his actions. This is his job, and like any other job be it office job, retail job, or anything else, if an employee showed up to work with this offending paying customers, they would surly get in trouble for it or even fired.

    • I would agree partially with your assessment. But what TWO wants to do is penalized speech they disagree with. That is at the heart of why we have the first amendment freedoms. To have the ability to free from others penalizing us if they don’t like what we say.

  2. Dear Buster: you wrote”I would fight for this ball player’s right to speak his mind in this country. It is a guaranteed right, constitutionally, in this country. ” you do understand (I hope) that the First Amendment’s free speech clause applies to the government, not private enterprise? This ball player was sanctioned for his bigoted remarks by his employer, not by the government. Ergo, there is in fact no “free speech” issue. But of course you knew that, right?

      • The rights granted under the free speech clause of the First Amendment protect speech from government suppression. So the government cannot supress or punish protected speech. But this does not apply to non-governmental actions. Quick example: I do not have a First Amendment right to post on your website. It’s your site and you get to decide who gets to speak here. Nor do I have a First Amendment right to denigrate my employer-my has the right to fire me if I called my him a moron. Similarly, while this ball player’s speech is protected under the First Amendment againt any governmental supression, the player does not have First Amendment protect from any sanction that may be imposed by his employer, major league baseball. right to communicate his beliefs about others vis-a-vis his employer, major league baseball. MLB, like any other employer, can punish or fire an employee for unacceptable speech. Hope this helps you understand how the First Amendment works.

  3. Always great to see a “Bill Kohler” show up and insert factual details, especially as it relates to ‘free speech’ – a concept few seem to understand.

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