There is no “Palestine”!

The United Nations recently voted to grant nonmember state recognition status to……Palestine.  The discussion of a two state solution to the Israeli / Arab problem in the Middle East goes as far back as Jimmy Carter’s days in the White House.  This move by the general assembly of the UN is interesting since there is NO STATE of Palestine to impose their recognition upon.

The “palestinians” are nothing more than arabs who once had ancestors that lived in Israel.  And the garbage of an argument about Israel occupying Palestinian lands is a joke.  Again, God gave the jewish people this land all the way back in Genesis. For the modern day Jews to retake THEIR land and live in it does NOT make them an Occupying Force.

There is NO state of Palestine.  Palestine is just a latinized version of the root word for “Philistines”, a name that was once draped over the land of God by a Roman Emperor to dishonor the Jews whom he hated.

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