Know God, No Guns

Think about it! When we had prayer in our schools, did we ever have shootings like we’ve seen today in Newtown, Conn.?

Without doubt, the liberals, the Democrats will all rush to gun control, for their mentor, Saul Alinsky has taught them to never waste a tragedy!

It is NOT the time to politicize this day. There were at least 32 people killed, including I believe, the shooter’s mom and dad. Most tragic is the mindless murdering of 20 school children, most of which were in kindergarten, ages 4-5 years! We must take today to pray, pray for the families who will never know how to handle this senseless day in their lives. Pray for the community. Pray for the school, for adults who were there but we’re helpless to do anything to stop the killing. Pray for our nation.

Lets pray that we, our nation will find the strength to cast off the chains of political correctness and cry out to God for forgiveness and mercy, whether the left likes it or not! When will we learn that the Godless ways of the left have not, DO NOT WORK! Let us as a nation turn back to God in humble repentance, and just perhaps He will hear and forgive and heal our land!

And pray this: my buddy Bryan Fischer reminded his radio audience today that for the last 50 years we’ve been screaming at God to get out of our schools. The Freedom From Religion Foundation sent a letter to every school in Mississippi this past school year threatening a law suit if the school had prayer before ball games, at graduations, etc. And just that threat of a law suit, written on a company’s letterhead, was all that was needed for the school principles and school superintendents to give away the liberty of the first amendment.

When we had prayer freely in the schools, when we could post the Ten Commandments and such, we didn’t have school shootings like the Conn. shootings today. But we have spent the last 50 years telling God we don’t want Him in our schools. No wonder the protective hedge of Gods hand is not seen on a day like today! How can anyone scream anger at God and blame Him for not stopping something like this, when we have told Him over and over, “Get out! We have a ‘wall of separation’ between us and You!”

Please allow me one other small political oriented indulgence on this sad day.

If you’ll listen, it won’t be hard to hear the screams of the democrats, the liberals with the obligatory Politically Correct chant against guns and for gun control! It will come. It will be loud. And they will feel that their argument to stop gun ownership and certainly to stop any citizen from having the right to conceal carry a weapon, must be made! And make it they WILL!

But know this, my friend. If there had been a member of the staff at that school who had a legal, concealed carry permit, and was allowed to actually carry their weapon on a school campus, this tragedy would have been less gruesome! I wish I had been there, a legal carry citizen, and had been able to pull my weapon and return fire! There is this argument that such a scenario would have made this day much worse. How could it? If I could I would have stopped this man from killing anyone else. And even if he had gotten the best of me and stopped my repressive actions against him, I would have at least occupied him long enough for some to have gotten to safety!

But no, concealed carry isn’t allowed: employees can not carry; citizens cannot carry on school property. But those rules don’t apply to the demonized men who regal in the killing of innocent little babies!

There has never been a more vivid example of how the gun rules, the gun laws favor the wicked and restrict the law abiding, as this tragic story of the school shooting in Newtown, Conn. does!

I know it sounds as if I have a blood thirst to just shoot someone! Believe me, I do not! I have been a certified law enforcement officer with some agency, off and on, since 1979. I have had to make my mind up that if I was going to wear the badge I must be willing to take lethal force if called upon and necessary. If I could not, if I didn’t have the courage to use my firearm when necessary, then I should take the badge off! Lethal force for me would mean to take such action ONLY when the life of others or myself is clearly threatened with similar force. We’re taught in the police academy about the use of force continuum. You start low (verbal commands) and escalate ONLY to meet or match the level of force being applied against you by the bad guy.

As a Christian and a Christian minister, I hope and pray that I never ever have to use leather force against anyone. As a “minister” of the governing powers that God has allowed to be,(Romans 13:1-6) as the one who does not bear the swore in vain, I believe that the “minister” of the government (that’s the word used by Paul!) is God approved to carry the “sword”! (If Paul had written that today, he might have said, “He doesn’t bear the Glock in vain…”) But believe me! I have NO desire, I hope I don’t ever have to harm anyone. But I have resolved to do so to save myself and others!

If I’d been in Newtown, Conn. today, I would have done all that was humanly possible to try and save some if not all of those precious babies! If I had been there, I would have done my law enforcement thang, all the while screaming out to my Precious Lord Jesus to pleaseeeee come and be strong on my behalf!

And that’s what we need TODAY. We need to cry out to God. We need to turn back to God and tell Him that we want Him, we need Him, even in our schools. We need Him, we desperately need Him!

Will you turn to God with me? Lets pray for another Great Awakening! Lets join the great group and cry out to God in repentance with them. We need Him and we need Him NOW!

(If. You need Him, please check out our website that helps people who need prayer or need to know Him in their lives. It’s “”)

May God be merciful and gracious and loving to all the people of Newtown today, and especially to those parents and grandparents who have lost their precious today!

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