What do they want to do to the NRA?

The NRA, the National Rifle Association, has come under attack, vicious attack since the Sandy Hook shootings that took 29 precious souls.


Well, the left has fomented an extreme level of vitriol against guns and gun owners since the Sandy Hook shootings, and Gun owners are the very constituent that the NRA reaches. Somehow, the left has succeeded, in the few short days since the Conn. shootings, to convince a portion of America that gun owners are to somehow to blame for the horrible loss of life that occurred at Sandy Hook. And since the NRA represents American gun owners, they have become the focus of some of the most vicious hatred, including death threats to all NRA members.

It’s the most insane logic one could imagine. We are hurt because of the killing of the children, so let’s go out and kill some folks ourselves.

The left will be the ones too blame if more deaths arise from this twisted logic of hate.

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